ROCKER Classic Rock

Paying Tribute to the Soundtrack of Our Lives.

 Florida is heating up and so is ROCKER! We have a packed schedule! New locations!!


Just because season is over doesn’t mean Rocker will be playing any less. In fact, we’ll be playing MORE! New venues such as Pinchers Crab Shack on FMB, Coconut Falls Tiki Bar & Grill, and Island Park Rusty’s! 


Upcoming Events: 


Saturday, July 13th - Rusty’s Cape Coral

Sunday, July 14th - Pinchers Crab Shack on FMB

 Friday, July 19th - Coconut Falls Tiki Bar & Grill

Saturday, July 20th - Rusty’s on Daniels Pkwy

​Friday, August 2nd - Charlie’s Pub in Port Charlotte

Saturday, August 3rd - ​Rusty’s TBD




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